About Us

Dirt Free CleaningDirt Free Cleaning is a professional cleaning company based and operating in Greenwich. We cover the whole territory with some of the best professional cleaning services out there. Delivered by a team of professional licensed cleaners who have years of experience in the field, they are the best way to ensure both your domestic and commercial cleaning in Greenwich projects are completed not only on time, but also up to the most satisfactory results imaginable, so contact us to book. If you want your property cleaned by people who you can trust at one hundred percent, so get in touch and we are going to take up the job.

Dirt Free Cleaning is a contractor with an established reputation. We have worked hard for years in order to tailor our services in such a way that they live up to the highest quality standards of the industry. We operate with only tested methods and some of the best equipment and methods known to the industry. We take pride in the high levels of customer satisfaction we hold. We believe that is the best form of advertisement a company of any sort can hope for, and we also think we deserve ours fully.

Dirt Free Cleaning offers you a wide range of professional cleaning Greenwich covering services that would cover every single need of yours. Those include home cleaning in Greenwich, professional after party cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, rug cleaning and much more. We constantly expand our list of services and work on the methods with which we carry out the old ones, so that we are certain we are moving forward in the development of our company. The only way to do that is to always ensure the client’s satisfaction. We are definitely the right cleaning in Greenwich company for you. Just check us out and give us a call.